Sending API Requests to SmartConnect

All communication between the POS system and SmartConnect is via RESTful APIs.

POS Developers will interact with SmartConnect using two different environments:

  • Development Environment. The development environment is where all development, testing and certification (with Smartpay) will typically be done. This environment will typically be used with payment acceptance devices (either the Virtual Terminal or test EFTPOS Terminal) that will not accept "real" money. The host under which contains all API endpoints is:
  • Production Environment. The production environment is for live merchants to use with live payment acceptance devices (which will take "real" money). No testing should be performed in this environment. The host under which contains all API endpoints is:

Using the HTTPS protocol is mandatory (otherwise the API request will fail). The supported request HTTP operations, content type and requested body, for API endpoints, will be listed in the relevant API sections. Parameters (variables) in the request URL will be shown with {} brackets. The host to which to send requests will be shown as the {environment} variable, which can be replaced with either of the environments from above. For example, in order to initiate the pairing process, the documentation below will say to execute the following HTTP request:

PUT {environment}/Pairing/{pairingCode}

This means that in order to execute a Pairing request on the development environment using the code 123456, the actual HTTP request will look like:


The Pairing API request (including the content type, request body and response) is explained in more detail in the Pairing with a Payment Acceptance Device section.


It is important not to forget to change the API subdomain from api-dev to api prior to deploying the integration to a pilot/production environment. The application must be changed to use the production API endpoint, otherwise the integration cannot be used with a "live" EFTPOS Terminal or other acceptance devices.

Last Updated: 1/21/2019, 6:42:54 PM