What is SmartConnect?

SmartConnect is an efficient, scalable and secure cloud-based API integration platform. It pairs any payment initiation system, running on any device, to any compatible payment acceptance device.

  • The payment initiator can include applications such as cloud/on-premises Point-of-Sale (POS) software, or online e-Commerce platforms. SmartConnect is integrated with a large number of POS systems already, and new integrations are continuously added.
  • It is device agnostic, connecting devices running on PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phones.
  • Payment acceptance (also called payment termination) devices can be traditional EFTPOS devices (such as PAX payment terminals), or mobile applications (mobile wallets), online payment gateways, etc.

The true power of SmartConnect lies in its open API architecture, which enables third parties to integrate and grow the eco-system with ease.

The added value SmartConnect brings is capturing additional (invoicing) data bundled with transaction requests – SKUs, GST, etc. (whatever the POS can provide – can be captured). Together, this enables SmartConnect to do real-time Data Warehousing and expose additional APIs:

  • Data APIs – which are utilized by Smartpay provided portals showing real-time transaction dashboards, but can also be used to build systems for fraud analysis, advanced analytics and business intelligence, piping the data into external custom solutions, etc.
  • e-Invoice APIs – generating invoices either real-time or on-demand, based on the stored SKU, GST and other available data.


Data APIs are out of scope for this guide. Please get in touch if you wish to consume these APIs in your system. The process of bundling sale data with initiated transactions will be described below.

Last Updated: 1/18/2019, 4:01:27 PM